1K nitro putty in very fine and soft paste, suitable for specific touching up of auto bodies and vehicles in general, featuring high filling properties and excellent workability, ideal for both thin and thick layers.
Thanks to its excellent adhesion BETA 3000 KNIFE APPLIED NITRO PUTTY can be applied on bare plates without cracking or retracting or on plates covered with fillers and 1K and 2K fillings or on old plates, included those in thermoplastic acrylic and those in double coatings.
It is easy to be knife applied and sanded and it is fast in hardening.
BETA 3000 KNIFE APPLIED NITRO PUTTY can be coated with 2K finishing enamels and with solvent or water double coating enamels.

Sand with abrasive paper P180-P240
Clean the surface with BETA 1000 SILICONSTOP, let it dry and remove silicone, waxes, fats and foreign bodies in general.
Apply thin layers, the necessary needed.
Dry time: 30-40′ at 20°C
2-3′ at 1mt
Sand with P600-P1000.


6 CANS OF 1,5 KG

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