BETA 4001


BETA 4001 is a two components spray filler with excellent filling power, featuring good adhesion, quick drying and easy sanding. BETA 4001 can level all surfaces without sagging or wrinkling even when used in high thickness.
Especially suitable for levelling coarse or uneven surfaces that present heavy sanding marks, scratches and pin holes. BETA 4001 can be applied on car bodies or industrial vehicles, fibreglass surfaces and old paints non sensitive to solvents.
BETA 4001 is overcoatable with all kind of 2K paints, can be applied with any kind of wood as well.
Clean and degrease the surface with BETA 1000 SILICONSTOP BETA 4001 1000G HARDENER FOR BETA 4001 40-50G Mix carefully.
Product is ready for use.
Viscosity can be increased with BETA CRIL, special thinner for polyester fillers.
Pot life: 30 min at 20°C
Reaction temperature: at least 15°C
Spray pressure: 2,5 – 3atm
Nozzle: Ø 2 – 2,5mm
H.V.L.P.: Ø 2,2mm
We suggest the use of a gravity feed gun.
Suggested thickness: 200 – 400 microns with 4 – 5 coats at 5 – 10 min interval
Max thickness: 500 microns
Flash off time: 10 min
Dry and sand after 2 or 3 hours ( or after 30 min at 60°C)
1 phase: P150-180
2 phase: P240-280
Heat resistance: up to 80°C

PACKING (hardener included):

9 CANS OF 0,75L

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