is an italian company
specialized in both
the production
and sale of car refinishing


Our wide range of products includes 2K medium and high solid clearcoats – low voc or waterborn, universal hardeners, polyester putties, 1K or 2K fillers and primers, universal base paints, sealants, compounds and polishes that, from start to finish, will guarantee the perfect result required by the car refinish industry around the world.
All BETA COLOR products conform to the international standard and thanks to this, and to the high quality of raw material used in our productions, all BETA COLOR products can be used in harmony with any other brand of paints.

Our guarantee of quality is the key to the success that BETA COLOR has achieved around the world.

This considerable recognition of the products by our customers push ourselves to a continuous improvement and updating of our range, to satisfy the demand of a market that grows continuously.

Our products are available in their low voc or waterborn version observing the directive about environmental preservation.
Quality, convenience and service for the customer are, since the beginning, the force of BETA COLOR.