Industrial catalyzers and diluents


Catalyzers: in bi-component paints these are indicated as component “B”. They are used to harden the paint and give the varnishing film specific characteristics. In our range of industrial products (listed below) the mixing ratio (ratio between paint and catalyzer) must always be considered as “by weight” and not by volume.
Label data must be complied with. When the pot-life indicated is over, the paint loses its specific characteristics (brilliance, adhesion and hardness).

Diluents: used to give the paint the right viscosity. Based on kind of application (spray, roller or brush) each paint needs a percentage of solvent. Each technical card indicates which diluent is best suited and its use percentage. You must use the indicated diluent for the best results.
The wrong diluent causes opacity, running, surface bubbles, lumps, a reduced pot-life and, in some cases, makes the paint itself unusable.

To get the best component mixture we recommend catalysing the paint before diluting it. Components must be perfectly homogenised before use, making sure there is no sediment in the can. We recommend using electric mixers for the best results.

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